Should I go to college?

Shubh Patni
2 min readMay 3, 2020


At these times (pandemic) it becomes even more difficult to decide whether to go to college or not. There are problems left and right from financial to social, political. Everything is a huge mess.

On top of that we are locked with only one thing to decide, whether going to a college is a right choice or not.

I will make it easier for you:-

Take a note of these things —

  1. Financials- Most of us go to college in the hope of getting a better job, better pay or to learn more about our entrepreneurial goals. If you think you can earn get as much as your early fee after graduating then you should give1 point to GO TO COLLEGE otherwise 1 point to DO NOT GO.
  2. Are you hardworking — If you are enrolling yourself in a course like computer science, engineering etc. I think you can learn everything from internet. But most of us are lazy and we don’t put in extra effort. But, if you can really really really work hard and are ready to do everything no matter how hard it gets, you should not go to college. In my college interview the interviewer said that everything which you can learn from college is there on the internet, college is just the scheduler which gives you deadlines and tells you what to do and when to do. (Think deeply about this and do not lie to yourself, ARE YOU HARDWORKING?)
  3. Networking — The only reason why I enrolled for a college was to gain connections. There is no one that interested in computer science as me in my locality and no one really is ready to work hard. I tried reaching many many people on the internet (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, everything), but it just dosen’t work. So if you cannot find someone like you it’s another reason to go to a college.
  4. Opportunities- Again I live in a small town in India and there is not much scope for Computer Science and Engineering. If you live in a place like that you should definitely go to a better city and study

These points should be your guide and should allow you to make your decisions. Remember, an investment in yourself is always a great investment



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