• isaac obot

    isaac obot

  • fa li

    fa li

  • John Stonier

    John Stonier

    Entrepreneur and advocate for sustainable economy and ending the fossil fuel age before it’s too late.

  • Omar Caraballo

    Omar Caraballo

  • Crispin Anderson

    Crispin Anderson

    Javscript — node / react developer and loving it ;)

  • Kha Pham

    Kha Pham

  • ML Sadler

    ML Sadler

    New York City-based Writer, Novelist, Builder and Business Leader

  • Brett Colbert

    Brett Colbert

    Brett Colbert is the VP of Enterprise Architecture at Salesforce. Previously in IT at NetApp, Cisco, McAfee, Intuit. All articles are solely my opinion. DYOR.

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