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A few days ago, I reached 100k views on Medium. Hooray! I am glad you guys like my posts and find them helpful.

To celebrate the occasion, I created a table for all of my blog posts filtered by topic; And to tell you more about myself, and share some resources, I am writing this post.

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Table of Contents
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Hello again! I am Shubh Patni, an Honors student at Northeastern University, a Programmer, YouTuber, and a writer on Medium.

Top Writer on Medium in Business, Technology, Privacy…

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This Article is co-authored, Muhammad Abutahiris, You can find him on linkedin and instagram.

Lists! One of the most used datatypes in the Python programming language and one of the most favorite datatypes of every python lover. Python lists are extremely simple to work with and are very flexible in nature.

Python lists unlike arrays aren’t very strict, Lists are heterogeneous which means you can store elements of different datatypes in them. The internal implementation of lists is designed in such a way that it has become a programmer-friendly datatype. …

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This Article was co-authored with Muhammad Abutahir, You can find him on linkedin and instagram.

So recently I was surfing the web when I came across a YouTube video on GitHub copilot. It amazed me to see how AI is transforming the lives of programmers all around the globe. But something felt wrong. The person was boasting about it too much and it didn’t seem right for a test version of the software, so I thought of taking a deep dive into the system about how it works.

If you don’t know what GitHub copilot is, then let me tell…

Block letters
Block letters
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This article was co-authored with Muhammad Abutahir, You can find him on linkedin and instagram.

Strings! One of the most favorite topics for all the programming interviewers, and loved by everyone who starts programming no matter what programming language they choose. Playing with strings is extremely interesting, but do you know how Python stores the strings internally?

What if I ask you a question like “Are duplicates allowed in strings?”. Most of you would say yes! And would give an example like “Mommy.” We can see here that the character ‘m’ is repeating, but is that really the case?


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Django is a very interesting framework as it allows you to create web applications with python as a backend. Not only that, but it can also handle most of the database stuff so we don’t have to worry about tables, for small applications at least, and can focus on the dinner.

Despite being a very helpful framework, Django has a steep learning curve that can startle beginners and leave them unchained — I hope you are getting my jokes.

In this post, I will try to make your life much easier by introducing you to some of the best Django…

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After a roller coaster ride for veteran crypto investors and a love affair for newcomers, we are in a position where no one really knows what will happen to the crypto market. Some analysts such as Willy Woo, Plan B still think that the bull market is intact and others fear the worst crash ever.

But one thing is clear — Hodling has been, historically (for whatever little history we have), the easiest strategy for highest gains.

So you probably don’t want to sell all of your cryptos and be a legendary holder, but still wanna make up for over…


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There are two types of people in the world right now: Crypto believers and haters.

On one hand, there are people who think that bitcoin is the only money in existence, DeFi is the only financial solution, and NFTs are the only real proof of ownership, and on the other side, we have people who think all of it is just a big scam.

How can there be so contrasting opinions about the same technology? Time and time again we have seen technology taking over the legacy systems: horses and cars, telephone and internet, etc. …

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Sometimes trying to be more productive makes you less productive. You get stuck in the content dungeon, trying to memorize/implement all the new laws and techniques out there. You watch videos about how to get the work done, instead of doing the work; you time-block the entire week when you are uncertain of tomorrow.

You become a productivity guru without actually being productive.

I think that being productive should not be work in itself and hard to keep track of. You try too hard to be productive and end up doing nothing.

In this article, I will talk to you…

computer screen showing CSS
computer screen showing CSS
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I finally defeated my procrastination and sat in front of my computer to at last work on the one project I have been postponing for months: my website. I am not a web developer, but I’ve always wanted to craft my website from scratch. So I had to learn CSS.

While learning the art of making my UI look good and be more responsive, I encountered probably the most confusing thing in CSS: the display and position properties. …


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Bitcoin and Ethereum are probably the most used cryptocurrencies but they still face the three major issues that plague all the existing decentralized networks: Scalability, Interoperability, and Sustainability. These problems are the reason you still can’t escape from the clutches of Twitter, Instagram, or centralized financial options or why crypto is not yet mainstream.

There is one platform that claims to be a decentralized clone of Twitter — BitClout. But I still have some doubts and concerns over this platform and I have written about it.

There are many blockchain projects working on these issues, and one of the most…

Shubh Patni

Programmer | Youtuber | Writer and Student at Northeastern University. Socials-💻🎥✍️☕

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